A gem in the very heart of the Mediterranean, Vlora is at the same time the cradle of national awareness and one of the favourite tourist destinations. You will always be reminded of Vlora, its azure sea, the Mediterranean dishes and the summer nights will be the first to come to your mind, after visiting it for yourself.

Vlora, the most important city on the Albanian Riviera, and this is not unmeritorious, having year after year hosted hundreds and thousands of tourists. Situated on the Ionian coast and surrounded by picturesque hills, this city is the best example of the perfect standard, always improving, of the Albanian hospitality. The place where Independence was declared has a lot to tell, starting from antiquity.
Influenced by the Roman order, Byzantine art and Ottoman architecture, this historic settlement is another perfect example of how cultures and different eras harmoniously intertwine.
These days, Vlora resembles a European city, where you can see locals going for walks on the promenade by the beach at sunset, and in the background, you can sense the aromas coming from the best restaurants in the country.
The fish specialties, a perfect mix of Italian and traditional cuisine will mesmerize you.
Apart from its cultural attractions, Vlora is also a strategic place for all those fond of water sports, nature walks in the picturesque countryside. In only a few minutes of car drive, you can visit beaches featuring all kinds of blue and castles dating back several centuries.
A blessing of nature always in progress and with great affection for visitors, Vlora is one of those experiences worth enjoying at least once in a lifetime.

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