Considered as the “miracle of the Albanian Alps, the Valley of Valbona is definitely the most idyllic place in Albania. This valley is a real testimony of the undisputable beauty of the Albanian nature. Valbona is the source of ancient legends, but also the starting point of your newest adventure.

Only 30-minutes away from the town of Bajram Curri, the valley of Valbona extends in a 50 km territory, from the Drini river to the mountain pass which goes by the same name, “Valbona Pass”.
All surrounded by the Alps peaks, Valbona creates a display of all kinds of shapes and colours. The latter, all changing as the seasons change, we can single out here the beginning of Autumn. In this period, all of the valley’s bloom, changes into a mosaic where yellow, orange, red and brown merge into one.
A dozen of hiking and trekking trails amidst untrodden forests and impressive waterfalls wait for you in Valbone. The inhabitants of the valley are extremely hospitable and the accommodation opportunities are numerous. You could choose from the tower-like houses owned by the highlanders, to the fully supplied hotels where nothing is missing, you will find yourself in the typical atmosphere of mountainous holidays.
You can enjoy the most characteristic dishes of the Alps and the afternoon teas, and enjoy them while contemplating in the background a rock massif of colossal size, which extends to the skyline. There is no such thing as hot summers 1000 meters above the sea level, whereas in the colder days the barbeques and the conversations around the fireplace accompanied with some good wines are waiting for you.
The valley of Valbona is more than a destination; it is a shelter for those of you searching for absolute peace and quiet in the heart of the nature.
Just like a living painting canvas, this valley will remind you that nature is the best artist ever known.

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