In the heart of the Albanian Alps, Theth is one of the wildest and one of the most remote villages in Albania. There you will find the most generous hosts, right under the feet of the most spectacular summits all over the Balkans.

With an elevation of 850 meters above the sea level, Theth is ultimately one of the most stunning villages in Albania. Worldwide known for the surrounding natural beauty, this village is one of the rarest remaining places where the typical living style of the Albanian highlanders can totally be witnessed.
The houses and the inns’ architectural style with their slate roofs, which welcome tourists from all over the world, make Theth look as if it has come out of a legendary tale.
The Theth river, with its freezing cold waters flows through the village, very close to the rare cultural monuments such as the “The Lock-in Tower” (Kulla e Ngujimit), the latter will leave you speechless with its as bloody and noble stories at the same time. In the inns owned by the Theth inhabitants you will see the characteristic highland rooms with fireplaces and be served traditional local foods.
The wild, unexplored landscape around Theth is a marvellous shelter for all the nature lovers. The village is surrounded by high mountain peaks and green forests, making it a heaven on earth for outdoor activities such as hiking and trekking. The most iconic place in Theth are the village waterfalls, the Baths of Ndërlysa and the “Blue eye” a stunning natural pool which feeds on the mountainous waterfalls. Theth is also the starting point of one of the most beautiful trails in the Balkans, which is called ‘the Theth- Valbone Trail”, a several hours long journey which will impress you with the beauty of the landscapes.
Theth is definitely the most poetic journey you can make in the territory of Albania.

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