Shkodra is known as the town of the bikes, of the most melodious dialect in Albania and home to artists who have revolutionized art in the country.
When you visit Shkodra, which lies in the heart of a wonderful landscape, you literally pay a visit to the cradle of the Albanian culture.

Shkodra is the most densely populated town in the north of Albania. The heritage of its civic life is clearly reflected in the facades of the historical buildings, in the boulevards overrun by the most outstanding cafes, jewellers’ and museums.
It suffices to mention here, the Marubi Museum of Photography, situated in the centre of the town. The museum is not only a testimony of 120 years of history, but also of the mastery of three generations of artists, who have developed the art of photography like nowhere else in Albania.
We can’t leave out here the historical museum, which itself needs to be preserved and displayed in a museum for the historical and architectonic values it represents.
A unique crossroad of cultures in Shkodra, you will be able to see a cathedral and a mosque only parted by a narrow alley.
In the same café’s facade, you will notice all at once the Venetian influence, the Ottoman style mixed with a touch of modernity.
Shkodra is also characterized by a dynamic nightlife where the young dance to the break of dawn in the bars of “Gjuhadol” neighbourhood.
Five minutes away from the town, lies the biggest lake in the Balkans, a favourable habitat for hundreds of fish and bird species. Among the latter you can encounter here some endemic or rare species in Europe.
The castle of Rozafa with its legendary history proudly dominates the town as if it were a crown on its head.
To end this on a high note, Shkodra is a town which should definitely be part of your short- term plans.

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