As the sunniest city in Albania, Saranda offers its visitors more than 300 beautiful sunny days all year round. If you have the chance to experience this yourself, you will for sure be moved by seas which display all nuances of blue and a Mediterranean atmosphere which takes its source from antiquity

Situated on the Ionian coast, Saranda is not only famous for its favourable climate or tropical-looking coastline but also for the warm welcoming hospitality of the locals.
The rich traditional cuisine, the alleys full of blooming flowers and the friendly locals make Saranda the ideal place for a holiday, all year round.
In the evenings Saranda’s promenade is the ideal place to try a characteristic meal or to enjoy listening to some live music.
A few minutes away from the city centre you can visit crystal clear beaches enjoy various cocktails and taste the seafood dishes which are quite affordable and have an exquisite flavour.
Otherwise called “the Ionian Pearl”, Ksamil Beach will amaze you with the isles which you can easily access by swimming.
Saranda features a rich cultural and architectonic history. Lekuresi castle is the ancient remains that reveal the history of the city whereas the Monastery of the “40 Saints” marks only the gate to the discovery of the myths of Saranda.
The ancient city of Butrinti lies 10 minutes away, among the citrus fruit-covered hills. This ancient city represents one of the most important ancient settlements in the Balkans and is a pure testimony of how Saranda and the surrounding area have amazed visitors for thousands of years.

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