The most picturesque town in Albania, Pogradec is home to the most distinguished poets and the destination of those who are in search of the natural peace. Pogradeci satisfies the appetite of its guests with smoke cooked ducks and “lakror”, which can be enjoyed by the side of an amazing lake which vanishes in the vast horizon.

Pogradec is situated on the Ohrid lake, in the southwest of Albania against a background of green hills, which contour the fully harmonious city parks. Lake Ohrid, one of the oldest and deepest lakes in Europe, offers Pogradec an unparalleled panorama of natural beauty.
The surrounding area has always been a source of enchantment, since antiquity and the rich historical heritage serves as a testimony to this. Lin’s plain where the earliest remains of a European settlement are found, is worth mentioning here.
On the other hand, Drilon’s National Park with its rich flora and fauna gives visitors an unwinding sensation.
It is a heaven on earth for all nature-walk lovers, who can go for walks by the canals full of fish and enjoy the fresh air under the shades of the trees where rare species of birds have built their nests.
The Ohrid lake itself is a true miracle, famous for its crystal-clear waters and the various endemic species that it is home to.
Thanks to the lake, and along with the traditional chefs’ specialties you can also enjoy here, a variety of the trout known as “koran” in Albanian, the latter being a rare fish which is only reared in Ohrid.
In the evening, the lakeside turns into a promenade, where locals and tourists gather to enjoy the sunset and the atmosphere of the live music bars offering artisanal beer.
Pogradec is the idyllic destination for those in search of natural beauty, historical richness and pure hospitality.

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