Situated along the last wild river in Europe, Përmet is undoubtedly home to the most hospitable and welcoming inhabitants in Albania.
The snow-capped mountains, the thermal baths and ancient settlements, serve as a background to this small town which generously and nobly welcomes you.

Even though it is on the smallest towns in the entire area, it is only in Përmet that you will hardly get bored. Are you ready to embark on a curative and relaxing experience right in the heart of nature? Very well, very close to the city you can find the baths of Bënja, known worldwide for the curative properties of its thermal waters and for the stunning landscape that surrounds them. And for more, very close to the baths, originates the Langarica canyon, one of the most impressive ones in the Balkans.
Over the baths, in the surrounding hills, it is found the picturesque village of Bënjë, all built in stone, as if to compete with the villages of Tuscany.
Are you more of a full of adrenaline experience type of person?
Then you need to know that the river Vjosa, flowing through the town, is the ultimate destination for those who practice rafting. A good occasion to sail the wildest river in Europe.
If you are more of a down to earth person, Përmet offers numerous hiking and trekking opportunities.
Back to the city, right in the centre you can visit the rock massif named “Guri I Qytetit”.
On top of it there is the several thousand-years-old fortress, a source of awe- inspiring legends and tales.
Some of the most exquisite restaurants in the country are waiting for you in Permet. The menus are traditional, with re-visited recipes, but the wines and the fresh produce of the area will deeply impress you.
Përmet features some workshops and candy stores. We suggest you not to miss the Turkish delights and the sweet preserves, that go by the name of “gliko” meticulously prepared by the local ladies.
After visiting it Përmeti will always be in your memories, just like a dish served with love.

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