Pay a visit to a town that has never ceased to attract travellers and adventurers for more than 2200 years. Lezha can also be considered as a miniature of Albania. Perfect shores to go sunbathing, some of the best agri-tourisms in the country and a town which fanatically safeguards a dozen of historical monuments.

It was known in antiquity as “Lissus” and was one of the most impenetrable fort-cities.
Nowadays, Lezha is completely open to tourists from all over the world. Very close to the Adriatic Sea, Lezha offers beach holidays, under-water adventures, boat sailings and the investigation of some of the rarest endemic species in the world.

All this because Lezha has breathed life to the coastal town of Shëngjin and has fanatically safeguarded the Kune Vain Lagoon. One is a touristic attraction in everchanging progress, whereas the other a natural oasis not to be missed.

Apart from the natural parks and golden sand beaches, Lezha is a must for all those who claim to have visited Albania.
The national hero Gjergj Kastrioti also known as Skanderbeg was baptized in Kruja and there can be found a memorial built in his honour which constitutes a pilgrimage destination for the most ardent patriots and for visitors who want to learn more about this quasi-mystical figure.

In the city there are 20 objects of cult and museums, which are preserved for their historical importance ad architectonic values. Notwithstanding this, the most impressive and imposing monument is found in the highest point in the city. The castle of Lezha, an ancient settlement and a fortification owned by the Ottoman and Byzantine empire, is a testimony of the strategic importance of the town. Featuring 12 gates and more than 40 towers, with 4-meter-wide walls, the castle of Lezha is considered an engineering feat.
As all the other Albanian cities, Lezha awaits you with artefacts manufactured by local artisans and invites you to take a walk along the Drini river; an authentic Albanian experience.

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