If you have not yet heard of Ksamil, then you most certainly have not looked up any online guide over the most attractive destinations in Europe. It is not accidental that it appears in the among the best ranking destinations: It has everything, the astonishing coastline, the superb delicacies and the cultural heritage.

Ksamil is a little village in the southern Albania, which during the communist regime was well known for the cultivation of citrus fruit, olives and mussels, whereas nowadays, without any doubt, it breaks the record for the number of tourists who visit the best coastlines in all the Ionian Sea.
The white sand and the crystal-clear waters with colours varying from green to azure and turquoise, surround an archipelago, which you can either reach by sailing or swimming.
Being baptized by the tourists as “the Maldives of the Balkans”, Ksamili offers quite a wide range of fish and sea-food dishes.
All are served fresh in restaurants run by the extremely hospitable locals and enjoyed while facing a spectacular view.
For those of you passionate about history, you need to know that Ksamili Is really close to the ancient city of Butrint, which has acquired the status of World Heritage by UNESCO.
The temples and the theatres of Butrint are well preserved and serve as a testimony of several civilisations over the centuries.
Ksamil is a destination of uncommon beauty, where the Mediterranean beauty combines with the Albanian hospitality.
This coastal oasis, will amaze you with its unique balance between the cultural and natural heritage in Albania.

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