Situated on a rocky massif, Kruja is the nest where the Albanian pride has always been nurtured. A historically epical settlement, it is the ideal city for those who get excited by the resistance stories, and where you can smell in the background the aroma of the hot pies which floats in the air.

Being one of the oldest Albanian regions, Kruja extends over a picturesque territory, bordering the wildest Albanian mountains. Although it is mostly known for its legendary history, the whole of the area around Kruja offers numerous opportunities for nature walk lovers. The mountainous terrain and the massive forests make the experience challenging and rewarding at the same time.
Imagine yourself gazing into the vast horizon, right through a plain whose only limit is the sea.
The history of Kruja is carved in the epical stones of the castle which survived three fierce attacks coming from two different sultans.
Inside the castle, there is the museum of the national hero Gjergj Kastriot Skanderbeg, baptized by the Popes as “the protector of Christianity”, and idolized by all Albanians in the whole globe, notwithstanding their religion.
Close to the museum, which constitutes an architectonic masterpiece, there is the Ethnographic Museum of Kruja. The latter takes you on a journey towards the understanding of the Kruja people’s mastery, which has shaped the costumes, the working tools and the most typical artifacts. Before reaching the feet of the castle, visitors have to walk through the old city bazaar.
As the merchants and the artisans describe in detail the products they have carefully produced, following the steps of the tradition, you feel as if you are taken in another journey back in time.
Kruja offers some of the most characteristic Albanian dishes, which need to be enjoyed instantly cooked in one of the panoramic restaurants of the city.
Whatever your expectations, Kruja will again find a way to convince you why it deserves this special chapter in your travel journal.

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