Home to the serenades, beer and walks along the streets lined with flowerbeds, without doubt, Korca is the most special city in Albania. The epicentre of art-deco architecture and of some of the most unique traditions in the country, every second spent to visit it is worthwhile.

A whole book wouldn’t be enough to depict the historical and cultural values of Korce. However, you should know that the first Albanian school was founded in this city. Situated in the city centre, the school can be visited any time of the day.
In Korce you can find the first beer brewing company and the first cinema in Albania. Both founded in the 20s they still continue to welcome those in love with the cold beer and the magic of the cinema.
Throughout the year, Korca welcomes plenty of tourists from all over the world, as it organizes the Beer festival and its famous Carnival festival. The city differs from the others architecturally, the most conspicuous landmarks are: the huge Orthodox Cathedral, the Old Bazaar and the Mosque complex. All three are surrounded by the characteristic villas, which are not more than 3 stories high, but add to the city’s finesse.
In Korca, you can find the medieval art museum, with its rare collection of Byzantine icons, the museum dedicated to the internationally known photographer Gjon Mili and the oriental artefacts museum. All three constitute a not to be missed experience.
For those who are fond of culinary, Korca is their oasis, thanks to its unique pies (lakrore), stuffed bell peppers, poultry casseroles and “baked raki”.
This city is one of the most emotional destinations and will turn into your most beautiful postcard from Albania.

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