Himara is the right place to grasp the whole spectrum of nuances of the Albanian history and culture, to be enjoyed under the Mediterranean sun, by the Ionian Sea.
The ideal destination for you, a place you never thought would exist, a typically Albanian destination embosomed by a Greek spirit.

Himara is a coastal town, mainly inhabited by a population of Greek ethnicity.
It has always served as an enriching source for the Albanian culinary tradition, fishing mastery and is well-known as an ideal holiday destination.
The old town lies on a fortress-like hill, whose surrounding walls and houses remind you of the fact that Himara has once served as a strategic military and commercial centre.
Nowadays, all of Himara has turned into a picturesque town, typically mediterranean, with streets flooded by tourists from all over the world and where the youth park their motorbikes/jet-skis close to the piers.
Narrow town alleys which are still shelter some ancient churches, hide stone courtyards, where polite landladies pick and offer visitors wild figs for free.
Himara’s gastronomy with its fresh sea produce and traditional dishes is another treasure to cherish.
The town is well known for the live music nights which remind you of the Greek isles, but where you are required to toast with the best brewed raki of Albania.
A two minutes’ walk from the town, puts you on the grounds of Potam and Livadh beaches, favourite destinations to all categories of tourists. They might seem basic at first sight, but do not lack anything: neither in terms of infrastructure, nor in terms of the services offered. You can try there the beach bars, the restaurants and the boat sailing adventures.
Cheap, bounteous and amidst the pristine nature, Himara is eagerly waiting for you.

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