Founded in the year 1466 by the invader of Constantinople, Mehmed II, Elbasani is considered as one of the cities of great historical importance in Albania. When you visit Elbasan, you are right in the centre of the Albanian patriotism and at the same time the place which fanatically safeguards ancient rituals and celebrations.

Once considered the most industrialized city in Albania, today it has been oriented towards trade and the welcoming of tourists.
During the communist era, Elbasan was well known for its Metallurgical Plant, the pride of the regime and a source of income for thousands of workers. Today the plant is abandoned and resembles more to a post-apocalyptic film setting, which can be easily accessed to capture the most unique photos.
Even though it was founded by the Ottoman Empire on the remains of the ancient Skampa theatre, during the Albanian Renaissance, Elbasan nurtured some of the most zealous Albanian nationalists.
It was the latter who gave a great impetus to the movement which enabled the Country’s Declaration of Independence.
The most focal area in Elbasan is the castle which deserves a place in the Guiness world Records. If you can only Imagine, it only took 25 days and the engagement of 150000 people for it to be built.
Another attraction of historical interest is the city Turkish baths.
Notwithstanding the fact that Elbasan owns some cult objects belonging to the Muslim, Catholic and Orthodox religions, every 14 March the city massively celebrates “The summer festival”, a pagan celebration which for thousands of years has safeguarded rituals, culinary specialties, such as the characteristic desserts, and has awoken the jealousy of the other cities which try to replicate it as much as possible.
Being the crossroads of some ancient roads, rituals and patriotic feelings, Elbasan will know how to keep your flame of curiosity burning.

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