Thanks to its almost 2700-year-old history, Durrës is still one of the most ancient and dynamic cities on the Adriatic coast. Being the most important port city in Albania, it has learned to pamper its visitors in internationally well-known restaurants and to instil in them the passion for archaeology.

Golden sand beaches, 5-star hotels and one of the longest coastlines in the entire region. Durrës has been blessed by nature to be the ideal summer holiday destination. The city has a tradition of more than 30 years of hosting hundreds and thousands of tourists, so don’t be surprised if you meet visitors from all over the world here, all amazed by the fish specialties or taken over by the lively nightlife.
If summer is not your favourite season, you don’t need to worry. Durrës is one of the richest cities in ancient ruins and first-rated archaeological sites. Although it was founded as a Hellenic colony, right where the gates of Durrës once stood decisions about the destiny of the Roman Empire were made. Right there Cesar defeated his historical adversary Pompei before making his way into the city.
In this same city, Byzantium unfolded all its ambitions to cross the Adriatic, while Venice was uselessly trying to remove it from the Ottoman occupation. All of this unique historical journey has left behind in the city a magnificent amphitheatre, some public toilets, guard towers and mosaics which demonstrate the mastery of the golden ages.
No one has ever experienced boredom in Durrës given all the lovely bars, rich menu restaurants and promenades that reach out to the sea.
The city of contrasts that seamlessly blend. In Durrës the glorious past matches the present which is specially designed to suit the taste of curious visitors like you.

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