Once it was considered the gloomiest city in Europe, but today it definitely represents one of the most vibrant cities in the entire region.
Visit a place where the past unprecedently blends with the modern spirit of a city enthralled by the fevers of development.

Situated among stunning mountains and reaching out to the Adriatic Sea, it has a lot to offer to all types of holidaymakers, notwithstanding their preferences or budget. The architectonic diversity of Tirana unfolds in front of you, just as you take a short walk to the city centre, in Skanderbeg Square.
There, you can see the Mosque or the Clock Tower, both inherited from the Ottoman era, and explore the parks surrounding the ministries’ buildings, featuring the architectural style of Mussolini’s era, all unfolding against a backdrop of brand-new skyscrapers.
For the history lovers, Tirana offers interesting museums such as “Bunkart “or the “House of Leaves”, where the communist past is narrated from a totally original perspective.
The National Historical Museum in the capital is a unique journey in itself; there you can get an insight of Albania’s history from the ancient times to the present day.
Are you in pursuit of a culinary adventure? Then, this is the right place for you. The restaurants in Tirana will leave you speechless, with their rich menus, which vary from the typical grilled Balkan meals to Mediterranean delicacies.
Are you into aperitifs? This is even better as the bars in Tirana have quite a reputation for their interior designs and for the enthusiasm the exquisitely prepared cocktails convey.
Get ready to make some everlasting memories in one of the most hospitable and safest cities in Europe.

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