Berat, the city of “one window on top of another” and of a three-thousand-year-old history, promoted by UNESCO as a world heritage site, is the best testimony of the cultural patrimony of the south of Albania which dates back to antiquity.
It takes you on a journey back in time through Byzantine icons and Ottoman architecture.

Welcome to one of the oldest cities in the Balkans! One of the most characteristic features of Berat is without doubt “Mangalem” neighbourhood, a testimony of 18th-century advancement. “Mangalem” resembles a waterfall of windows on the facades of a dozen of Ottoman architecture houses, which have graciously occupied the sloping hillside.
A view you should not miss while taking a walk in the cobbled streets carved by history over the course of time.
Serving as another testimony of the “Made in Albania” religious tolerance, Berati is home to several hundred-year-old cult objects, including mosques and cathedrals built by two different empires.
Once, home to 20 churches and one mosque, the castle of Berat which dates back to the 13th century, is one of the most impressive fortifications in Albania and the most strategic point to enjoy the panorama this city has to offer.
The old town showcases extremely interesting museums with regard to their architecture and content. The Iconographic and ethnographic museums are the ideal place to get to know some of the artists who have contributed to the unique culture of the city.
Being part of a heterogeneous and tolerant community, the inhabitants of Berat have a reputation for their hospitality and their rich culinary tradition.
Situated along the Osumi River, Berat constitutes the perfect setting for a romantic walk, where you can see the artisans in their workshops and children playing in the narrow pathways.
For travellers, “enthusiasts” of harmonious landscapes, history has given life to cities like Berat.

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