Experience the magic of the exploration of a 2600-year-old city. The place where, philosophers and emperors who changed the course of history studied. There were 30 cities that went by the same name, but Apollonia that you will explore with Albania Tours, was the most glorious of all.

Founded in the sixth century B.C, the ancient city of Apollonia is situated only 20 kilometres from the city of Fier.
The city itself is situated inside a modern archaeological park, amidst the nature, where you can relax in the shade of magnificent temples.
Apollonia was founded right after Epidamnus (Dyrrachium) and soon became one of the most important cities on the Adriatic.
Discovered in the 11th century, it is thought that the city flourished in the fourth century
A.D. as an important military and economic centre.
Because Apolonia was located a few kilometres away from the Adriatic, the early inhabitants exploited the Vjosa river to freely reach out to the sea.
The city constituted one of the stops in the Trans-Balkan route, Via Egnatia.
An important military and economic centre, Apollonia was also known all over the Mediterranean for its academia. The legendary emperor Octavian trained in this city together with Agrippa, a distinguished general of the Roman Empire.
In the same archaeological park, you can visit the complex of Apollonia’s Monastery.
Being of a unique character all over the Balkans, this monastery displays rare architectural idiosyncrasies that make you believe it represents a mix of Byzantine architecture (buildings) and the roman art (Sculptures and elements of the paintings).
There is no doubt that Apollonia will take you on a journey back in time, but it will also be one of the most relaxing moments of your journey in Albania.

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